Laurel K Kessler – Quinones

I just stumbled across the website guestbook and I’m so excited to see it up and running. The Class of 1966 will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016 and now, May of 2015, we are beginning to make plans for a reunion. I am trying to find classmates and would appreciate hearing from anyone from our class (or those who may have been in our class at sometime during our Ladycliff years). My address is: My maiden name was Barbara Gillis. My husband, Bill, and I have lived in Southern California since we were married in 1967. He retired from Jet Propulsion Laboratory in June after 47 wonderful years there. Now we are enjoying traveling and spoiling our six grandchildren. Thanks for having this website. I will check it frequently as we get our plans together for our 50th reunion!!

Barbara Gillis Weber, ’66.

Unfortunately, I was part of the last freshman class to enroll at the “cliff”. I’ll never forget we were just about to complete the year when we heard the news that the school was closing. We rallied to keep the school going. I remember when the news crews came out and all the girls at the college joined together.

While I wasn’t fortunate enough to graduate from the “cliff” I will never forget the beautiful time I spent as a scared unsure freshman in college. I still consider myself a Ladycliff gal. If the school hadn’t closed I definitely would have finished my Bachelor’s degree at the school. I remember all the concerts we performed and singing engagements. I still have photos.

I recently went back a few years ago just to peek around and my heart broke. The chapel is no longer there and I remember the little path behind the dorm where we could sit on the cliff and just look out over the hudson. Spellmen Hall appeared the same but my dorm totally changed. The grand piano is no longer there is no slate staircase, in fact no open space at all. Now it is just a hotel, but I walked the halls anyway and could hear the voices of all the girls.

I don’t know if you are allowing membership for those of us who attended but didn’t graduate. I hope so.

Laurel K Kessler – Quinones
and I would have been “class of 83”

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