2018 Annual Alumnae Association Luncheon

2018 Annual Alumnae Association Luncheon

Please register for the 2018 Luncheon by sending your registration form and payment in the form of a check to LADYCLIFF COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION, LCAA, PO Box 104, Highland Falls NY 10928. You can print out the Registration Form by clicking here.

June 9th 2018: A very special reunion: The cornerstones from our beloved Ladycliff’s buildings will be placed in Ladycliff Park in a ceremony attended by the mayor of Highland Falls and various dignitaries from West Point at 9:45 AM (following Mass at Sacred Heart Church at 9 AM.)

Our luncheon at the Thayer Hotel will begin with cocktails at 11 AM.

Hope you are looking forward to joining us – and will call your roommate and classmates to make plans to join you. All grads, students and professors from ’37 through ’82 are welcome As in the past, the Franciscan Sisters from Peekskill and the Sisters of Peace will be our honored guests and all our proceeds. as well as additional donations received, are for the benefit of the Sisters.

The anniversary classes always have especially good turnouts. If your year was ’38, ’43, ’48, ’53, ’58, ’63, ’68, ’73, ’78 there will be lots of folks here looking for you. If you would like us to help you get in touch with folks of your era, contact us for classmates’ contact info.

So please send in your registration form and join us for the 9 AM Mass at Sacred Heart Church, 353 Main Street, Highland Falls (offered for the living and deceased members of our Ladycliff Family) and then the dedication of the cornerstones at Ladycliff Park – be sure to take pictures, and then pass through Thayer Gate to the hotel parking lot or drive up to the hotel entrance for valet parking. NOTE: Identification/photo ID is required for drivers and all passengers.

Looking forward to seeing you!


June 9, 2018
– 9 AM : Mass @ Sacred Heart Church
– 9:45 AM : Ladycliff Park Cornerstone Dedication:
– 11 AM : Cocktails @ the Thayer Hotel
– 12 Noon :  Luncheon


The Executive Board

Ladycliff College Alumnae Association

2018 Annual Alumnae Association Luncheon Registration Form

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